Honey Badger Permaculture

Fierce flora. Ferocious fauna. And that dog.
A slowly building permaculture farm near Louisville, KY.

Nature Takes its Time. So Do We.

We plan to build slowly, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for right now, there’s a distinct possibility that it will be here later. (If you need something right away, we can probably tell you where to find it.)

Our focus is on all the plants, shrubs, trees, and herbs used by folks of a permaculture mindset. Unusual and obscure plants are our favorites. There are other places for “normal” things. This place is for the weird stuff that probably isn’t at your local nursery that you always hear your favorite podcast personage raving about.

In addition to All the Weird and Cool Plants, there’s also a blog of Interesting and/or Useful Thoughts. Our business and this website will evolve in time. In the meantime, get some popcorn and watch the madness.

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About Us

The farm is named after our tenacious little cow dog. Her name is Moon, but everyone calls her the Honey Badger. “Honey Badger Permaculture” is what we got when we combined that nickname with our love of all things permaculture.

All our plants and critters were chosen for their tenacious, resilient, or unique nature. Unusual and obscure plants are our favorites. If you are local, be sure and check out our seasonal goodies(link) available for pickup.

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