CANNA Coco Brick 40l Expandable Natural Plant Medium Soil Substrate, 40 Liter Expanded – 8 Liter Dry, Reusable (1)

We use this for our container gardening at the farm.

We use this for our container gardening at the farm.  I mix half coir, and half garden soil.  The benefit of this is the coir helps retain moisture in the mix, and is a more environmentally friendly substitute for peat moss.  As always, the badger helps.  She’s particularly fond of the coir, though it’s not considered an appropriate dog food.  I keep a close eye on her when it’s around.

Just soak the block with water and… floof!  The coir expands in the included shopping type bag.  It’s quite convenient to have those bags included.  It’s likely even better if you’re gardening sans badger, as the bags sometimes lead to a mad chase for recovery around here.  If you are gardening with your own badger, velocirapter, or chupacabra, be sure to set the bag and the coir out of their reach.  Probably should watch your gardening trowel as well.  Mine disappears a lot.




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