Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife [31-000345]

Great little knife to have around.

If this isn’t the cutest Gerber baby ever… I have this lil fella clipped to my EDC bag to have handy for whatever. It’s tiny! It’s incredibly useful, and unlike all my other pocket knives (I’m a pocket knife addict; the other monkey is even worse about it) this thing will never get dull. Or, more properly said, when it does get dull there’s next to no time spent changing out the utility knife blade for a new one. Great little carry knife. You’ll not be batoning down a tree at your campsite with it, but it’s darn utilitarian as all get out.

…did I mention it’s adorable? Get 2! (That’s the minimum quantity anyway, but trust me, you’ll want a couple.)




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