Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

It’s tick season!

This what we use here to keep ticks at bay. (Guineas are coming, but that’s gonna be a few weeks.) I was just out building raised beds a couple days ago, and got jumped by a ton of ticks. Seed ticks, deer ticks, dog ticks… I pulled them off me as I felt them, then spent the next several hours after coming inside to play “find the tick”. Yeesh. Ok, so apparently it’s time to treat my work clothes with Sawyer Permethrin. It really does make a difference, when you remember to do it. Trust me, once you forget one day, you’ll remember the next.

Take some clothes you want to dedicate to outside activities, and spray them down someplace outside. Once it’s dry, it’s safe for mammals to be around, but don’t get the liquid anywhere near your cats. They’re more sensitive to it than dogs, and when I come in from the day’s work, I change clothes just to be safe around my awesome felines. I like to keep several sets of work clothes isolated from the other clothes, just so I know what’s been sprayed and what hasn’t. One application will last though a few washes, so it’s good to know when something is due for another treatment. Mark your calendar, or something. Sawyer says up to 6 washings or 40 days of sun exposure. The way the ticks are here, I tend to reapply after every fourth washing, just for the added insurance.

You can also make homemade “tick tubes” with the spray, using toilet paper or paper towel rolls, and dryer lint. Spray the lint, stuff it in the paper tube, then put it around the yard. Wee beasties will take the lint and use it in their nests, effectively taking the lint right to the ticks.

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